Top 5 Biggest HackerRank competitors 2023

Are you looking For Top Hackerrank competitors & Alternatives? If Yes then You are at the Right Place. In this article, we have compiled the List of the top 5 hackerank competitors and compared them on the Basis of Their Pricing, Audience, and Support.

HackerRank is a Coding Based Hiring Platform that Allows Businesses to identify and assess developers’ skills and conduct remote Interviews. With more than 3000+ Companies around the globe using HackerRank for Their recruitment process, It Enables recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate the Developer’s Coding Skills and hire the best talent for the Company.

HackerRank has various programming challenges and all the Developer Participating in these challenges are Ranked on the Basis of Their accuracy. All the Developers Earn Badges Based on their Achievements and also get featured on HackerRank’s leaderboard.

With more than 21+ million Developers on the Platform, It is one of the most popular competitive programming Platforms. However, There are Many Companies that offer a similar concept of programming-based competition, which allows the Recruiter to make the Recruitment Procedure Simple and Hassle Free. Below Mentioned are the top 5 Hackerrank competitors from Around the world.

Top Hackerrank competitors & Alternatives 


1. Code Signal 

Founded in the Year 2014 by Tigran Sloyan, Aram Shatakhtsyan, and Felix Desroches, Code signal is a platform that Enables Developers to test their coding Skills By competing with each other. Initially, Code Signal was Founded as CodeFights, However, in the Year 2017, Code Signals begins to provide an Interview practice mode.

In 2018, Company Changed its Name From CodeFights to Code Signal. Code Signal helps recruiters in Hiring the Best Talent For companies with their automated and live technical interviewing features.

Talking about the Funding of Code Signal, In 2015 They Have Raised an Initial investment of $2.5 million in seed funding. In November 2016 They raise Their second funding of $10 million Followed by their $25 million Series B funding in December 2020. The Latest Funding for Code Signal was Raised in September 2021 which was a $50 million Series C round conducted by Index Ventures.

2. TestGorilla

Test Gorilla Is a Platform that Allows Developers to Show Their coding Skills to Recruiters. Designed to help Businesses Hire the Best Talent, TestGorilla Provides personalized assessments to Developers where they can take the 262 scientifically validated tests. The unique personality tests available on the TestGorilla Platform Allow Employers to Know the Applicant in Person.

The Automation Screening Process on test gorilla Eliminates the time Wasted on screening CVs and pre-qualifying interviews. All the Applicant who completes the coding Assessment on the Testgorilla platform Gets the test scores Based on their performance of the assessment.

TestGorilla Has a team of Professionals who Thoroughly check the assessment given By the Applicant. This ensures the HR team can Relay on the Data Provided By Testgorilla. With the Real-time assessment Results showing on Dashboard, HR can Compare the Score of Different Candidates and Know them from every angle.

TestGorilla is Currently Available in Five Different Plans. It Starts From ₹0/Month and Goes all the way to ₹135,000/Month. The Free version includes 10 free tests in the test library and Custom question types.

With Paid versions, There are more tests available with API access for custom integrations, Onboarding training programs, and Candidate Support. All these Amazing features make TestGorilla one of the Biggest Hackerrank competitors.

3. Coderbyte

Coderbyte is a Cloud-Based Application With different coding tests and Assessments to help Developers Brush-up their coding Skills. Founded by Daniel Borowski in the year 2012, Coderbyte Has 300+ Coding Assessments listed on its Website. The Assessment on Coderbyte Website Is Divided into three Different Difficulty Levels which are Easy, Medium, and hard.

The Developers can also solve the Assessments by Sorting them by Companies Like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Solving these Challenges On coderbyte can help People Practice their programming skills and prepare for coding interviews at MNCs.

Available in 14 Days Trail Option, Coderbyte has a Monthly plan of $35 or an Annual Subscription of $150/ Year. With 300+ Challenges, Exclusive video tutorials, Mock interviews, an Interview Kit, and code runtime analysis at Just $35/Month, Coderbyte is one of the Most Affordable options among other Hackerrank competitors & Alternatives in the List.

4. Mercer Mettl Assessments

Founded in 2010 by Tonmoy Shingal and Ketan Kapoor, Mettl is an online assessment platform that helps companies to Take online assessments and find Ideal employees for their organization. Mercer Mettl offers Technology enabled assessment solutions for Careers.

The Mercer Mettl Coding Assessments have Different Difficulty levels, Depending upon the Coding Knowledge of the participants, the Test can be Adjusted. Available for $249.00 per year, The Mercer Mettl Assessments is a Great alternative to Hackerrank. Some of the biggest clients of Mercer Mettl Assessments are Amazon, Microsoft, Barclays, IIMB, and EBZ Business School.

5. Codility

Codility is a Hiring platform that allows businesses to conduct coding interviews and test the programming skills of developers to find the right talent. By using Codility for hiring, companies can conduct unbiased tests remotely. This helps companies Not Just hire the best Talent for their business and But save time and Money utilized in long Interview Procedures.

Since 2009, Various companies have Used Codility to screen and interview candidates based on their coding Skills. With 1200+ Companies globally using Codility which also includes top Multinational Companies Like Tesla, Microsoft,  PayPal, and Slack, Codility is a great platform to hire the Best Software Engineers for Businesses.

Hackerrank Competitors FAQ

Who are the Biggest Competitors of Hackerrank?

Code Signal is the biggest competitor of Hackerrank.

Is HackerRank free for coders?

No, HackerRank is Not Free. However, it comes with a 14 Days Free Trail Period.

Is HackerRank good for Python?

Yes, hacker rank is a Great Platform to Brushup Python Knowledge.

Are HackerRank tests difficult?

Yes, HackerRank tests are Difficult and it requires deep Coding Knowledge to Pass the assessments at HackerRank.

Does HackerRank use the camera?

Yes, hackerRank uses the Camera. It Monitors all the Actions of Participates During the test.

Can you put HackerRank on my resume?

Yes, Candidates can Mention Their HackerRank Scores on their Resume. This is Allow the Recruiters to better evaluate the coding skills of candidates.

Do companies recruit from HackerRank?

Yes, Companies use hacker rank as a pre-assessment tool to find the best-qualified candidates for their Teams.

Is HackerRank good for beginners?

Yes, It’s a Great platform for Beginners to test and Brush-up their coding knowledge

In Conclusion

HackerRank is one of the best platforms that Helps Businesses to Find the best developer based on their Coding Skills and Knowledge. However, other platforms like TestGorilla and Code Signals also offer features like Powerful anti-cheating measures, Live support, One-way video interviews, API Access, and GDPR compliance, which makes them a great alternative to HackerRank.

We Hope this article helped you to Know about HackerRank and solve all Your Queries regarding its Functionality, Pricing, and Customer support. Feel Free to Share Your Queries and Doubts in the Comment Section below.

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