Top 7 competitors of Meesho in India

Meesho is a Bangalore-based ecommerce company Founded in the year 2015 by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Meesho Enables Individuals and Small Businesses to start their online with Zero Investment. Individuals can register themselves as a reseller on Meesho and Start Selling the Products via Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram by Adding Their Profit Margin.

Meesho has emerged as One of the most popular online shopping sites in India. However, It also faces Some Stiff competition from Many other E-commerce Brands. In this article, we have compiled the list of the top 7 competitors of Meesho in India and compared Them on the basis of Their Products, Pricing, Customer Support, Delivery & shipping.

Earlier, Doing a Reselling Business in India was Not Easy. The reseller had to Deal with obstacles Like Packaging of product, Payment, Delivery, and Handing Customer Queries. However, Meesho has Made the overall buying and Distribution Procedure Easy and Simple. Now Individuals can Resell the Product Directly From Meesho’s Website and get it Deliver it to the Buyers House.

Meesho has Claimed that they have Over 13 Million Entrepreneurs registered on their Portal. These Resellers are usually Students, Housewives, or Mainly Instagram influencers who Products From Social Media Like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. This resell Strategy Not Just helps Individuals to Sell Products online, But also Boosts the Sales of Sellers.

In Recent Years, Meesho has Successfully Outperformed and Become one of the Top Ecommerce Brands in India. However, Brands Like Amazon, Flipkart, and Udaan has a Large Share of the Indian Ecommerce Market and Meesho gets Stiff Competition Form these Brands. Below Mentioned are the Top 7 competitors of Meesho in India.

7 Biggest Competitors of Meesho in India 

1. Amazon

Amazon is an American Ecommerce Company Founded by Jeff Bezos in the year 1996. Since its Establishment, Amazon has remained one of the biggest E-commerce Brands and is also referred as referred to as “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world”.

Over the years, Amazon Has Transformed the online shopping Industry in India. While most E-commerce companies Have stuck to Selling one type of product, Amazon Has revolutionized The e-commerce industry by Selling every product a consumer Requires. As a result, Amazon has established itself as the leader in the Indian e-commerce Ecosystem.

By Focusing on its Products Quality, Reducing delivery time and transportation costs, Amazon has redefined the concept of E-commerce in India. Along with ecommerce, amazon has also extended its impact on the Sellers. It has helped thousands of Small and medium size industries and Sellers to Sell their products all over India.

Their Consumer-Centric Marketing Strategy, ability to prioritize their customer’s needs, and adaptation to changing technology have made them one of the biggest competitors of Meesho in India.

2. Flipkart

Established in the Year 2007 By Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company, headquartered in Bengaluru. Flipkart has played a Major Role in changing India’s online shopping market. Just like amazon, Flipkart initially Focused on Selling Books on their platform, however over time Flipkart Expanded its category to Consumer Electronics, fashion, personal Care,  Home, Groceries, and Lifestyle Products.

Flipkart also has Subscrifdies brands like myntra which is a Fashion e-commerce Brand and PhonePe which is a UPI-based mobile payments App. In August 2018, the American Based retail chain Walmart acquired Flipkart for US$16 billion. This US$16 billion Between the Two Biggest retail giants has been been the largest e-commerce acquisition in history.

Along with the Retail Industry, In the last few years, Flipkart Has also Invested In Travel, Grocery, and healthcare Businesses. They have acquired brands Like cleartrip and online Pharmacies like Sastasundar. Investments in multiple sectors Show that In the Coming Years Flipkart can become the Biggest e-commerce brand in India leaving behind Brands Like Amazon and Meesho.

3. GlowRoad

Glowroad is India’s one of the most popular Resellers Apps. It provides individuals including students and housewives a platform to start their own businesses and earn money without any Investment. The company had a catchy slogan “Be Your Own Boss”.

Glowroad gives their users special access to virtual shops, and millions of products from a trusted supplier, and eases the payment and shipping facilities. Glowroad had a network of buyers of more than 18.3 million and they have resellers of more than 6.1 million.
Founded in 2017, It Has its headquarters based in Bangalore. The founders and co-founders are Dr. Sonal (Founder), Kunal, Nitesh, and Shekhar (Co-Founders).

4. Naptool

Naaptol became India’s largest comparison-based shopping website. The best place for shoppers, merchants, and market enthusiasts that binds both the buyers as well as sellers. Naaptol makes your buying experience easy.

Founded in the year 2008 by Manu Aggarwal, Naptool Currently Has More than 50,000 Products Listed on its Website with 10,00000 Plus Visitors Per Month. Started with an initial investment of Rs. 50 lakhs, Currently Naptool has Become has grown to become one of the Largest organizations in India with the latest technology and aspiring team.

Both Naptool and Meesho have a Similar type of Business Model. Both the Brands Focus on Selling Affordable Products. Because Meesho’s Business Model works on reselling, They try to keep prices low so resellers can make a good commission by selling the products.

5. Shopsy

Founded in the year 2022 by Adarsh Menon, Shopsy is Based in Bengaluru. It is a reselling platform in which sellers sell their products all over India. Shopsy initiative is held by Flipkart. In shopsy, as a seller, you can list yourself and get 300-500 million budget-friendly customers. Shopsy created a trust-worthy network of distribution between the seller and reseller.

How Does Shopsy Works? the seller needs to signup with their Mobile number, email, Pin code, and GST Number. Next, the Seller is required to provide a canceled cheque with their company name printed on it. Once the Signup Procedure completes, the Seller can List their Products on Shopsy and Start Selling Their products.

When compared to other e-commerce Like Amazon or Flipkart, the Seller is required to pay a 0% commission for all Shopsy exclusive verticals. Also, the Products Listed on Shopsy Don’t require any professional Photoshoot. With a Similar Business Model, Shopsy is one of the Primary competitors of Meesho in India.

6. Udaan

Established in the year 2016, Udaan is India’s largest business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform. It Markets various categories that include lifestyle, home, and kitchen, electronics, pharma, toys, and general merchandise.

Udaan had a network of more than 3 million registered users and 20,000 – 30,000 sellers over 900+ cities in the country. It connects small manufacturers, farmers, and brands to the market and sells their products over the country at a reasonable price.

With More than 1.7 million retailers, chemists, and Kirana shops who are performing transactions of More than 4.5 million, Udaan has become the largest b2b eCommerce business in the Country. Udaan’s Efficient and Seamless procedure Helps Buyers to Select and Purchase goods from more Than 30,000 Sellers Across India.

Currently valued at $3.1 billion, Some of the Main Investors of Udaan are Lightspeed Venture Partners, TencentBlacksoil, and InnoVen Capital. According to industry sources, Udaan is all set to launch its IPO in the Coming 12 to 18 Months. The IPO will help the Company  to compete with e-commerce giants Like amazon, Flipkart and Meesho

7. Shop101

The last Startup in our List of the Top 7 Biggest Competitors of Meesho in India is Shop 101. Shop 101 is an open business platform that allows Business Owners to Directly connect with resellers. Shop 101 has empowered millions of Students, Housewives, and individuals who want to start their own reselling Businesses.

Started in 2015 by Abhinav Jain and Kalpak Chhajed, Shop101 Has enabled Entrepreneurs to start their businesses online with Zero investment without worrying about order processing and inventory management. Currently, more Than 10,000 suppliers and 1 Crore + resellers are registered with Shop 101 which directly makes Shop101 one of the competitors of Meesho in India.

FAQ ( Meesho competitors in India )

What is Meesho?

Meesho is an Indian Ecommerce Store headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Who are the Biggest Competitors of Meesho?

Amazon, Flipkart, and Glowroad are the Biggest competitors of Meesho in India.

What makes Meesho unique?

Its Affordable Pricing, a great Delivery Approach, and Product reselling Model Make Meesho Unique.

Is Meesho a trusted site?

Yes, Meesho is one of the most trusted Ecommerce Brands in India.

Who is the target audience for Meesho?

The target audience of Meesho is From the Tier 2 Cities of India.

Who are the sellers on Meesho?

A Seller is a  person or Business who Sell any Product on Service on Meesho.

In Conclusion

According to Apptopia’s App Analytics, more than 127 Million people Have downloaded the Meesho App in 2022. The Bangaluru-based Startup has a diversified Portfolio of Products that helped them to defeat Ecommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart in the Recent festival Season. However, it will be interesting to see How Meesho Plan Their Strategy to Compete with Brands on Amazon and Flipkart in the coming years.

We Hope this Article solve all Your queries related to competitors of Meesho in India. If You have any Questions or Suggestion Related to meesho or Indian Ecommece, please feel free to Share them with us in the comments section below.

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