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Practo is an Indian healthcare startup Founded by Shashank ND and Abhinav Lal. It’s a platform that allows patients to connect with the best doctors and book online appointments in over 9,000+ leading hospitals across India. This article has compiled the List of the Top 7 Practo Competitors in India.

Started with the mission to help people to find and book appointments with doctors, Practo Has more than 10,0000 doctors registered from 300+ Cities.

Practo Has made quality healthcare accessible to Millions of Indian through technology and innovations and It Has also empowered its Users to take the best healthcare decisions.

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In Recent Years the Bangalore-based company Has Gained Immunsed popularity among Users and this Has also Led to an Increase in competition. Here are the Top 5 Practo Competitors and Alternatives In India.

Competitors Of

Companies Headquarters Founders
Tata 1mg Gurugram Prashant Tandon, Gaurav Agarwal, and Vikas Chauhan Chennai, Tamil Nadu Pradeep Dadha
Apollo Pharmacy Chennai, Tamil Nadu Prathap C. Reddy
PharmEasy Mumbai Dharmil Sheth and Dhaval Shah
Medplus Hyderabad Madhukar Gangadi
Flipkart HealthPlus  Kolkata Banwari Lal Mittal and

Ravikant Sharma

RASK Oslo, Norway N/A

1. Tata 1mg

Founded in the year 2015 by Prashant Tandon, Gaurav Agarwal, and Vikas Chauhan, the TATA 1mg is a healthcare Platform Based out of Gurugram. The company provides various healthcare Services like e-pharmacy, diagnostics, and e-consultation.

In 2012 Bright Lifecare Private Limited started a healthcare Platform known as HealthkartPlus. However, In 2015 Healthkart Plus divided from BLPL to start 1MG Technologies Private Limited. In 2021, TATA Digital Acquired a 58.7% Stake in 1mg to become Its Parent Company.

Tata 1mg has Enabled patients to get online consultations from qualified and registered doctors and learn about their medical condition. Along with Online Consultations, Patients can also Order medicines and Book lab tests online without any hassle which makes them one of the biggest Practo Competitors in India.


Founded in the year 2010, is India’s one of most trusted online pharmacies. It allows Customers to buy medicine online and get it delivered to their doorstep effortlessly. With the mission to make healthcare accessible for everyone through the internet, has Served over 7 million happy customers in PAN India. has garnered immense popularity in India in a really short span of time. Committed to Providing authentic and Affordable Medicines, All the Prescriptions are Properly Analyzed in the backend by Netmeds. With its user-friendly app design and fast delivery, Netmeds has become one of the Biggest Practo competitors in India.

Currently, has 26 fulfillment centers across India. They have also collaborated with various Indian Medicine Manufacturers to ensure all the products are available.

3. Apollo Pharmacy

Apollo Pharmacy is India’s one of the most trusted and largest retail pharmacy chain pharmacy networks with 5000 outlets in over 21 states. Apollo Pharmacy is committed to offering authentic medicines round-the-clock through their pharmacy outlets all over the country.

The Apollo Pharmacy also allows the Patient to Directly upload the prescriptions to their Website and place Orders. After You have uploaded the prescriptions to the Apollo Pharmacy websites, they will Get verified at the backend. Following the Successful Payment, Your Medicines will be Delivered to Your Doorstep Without any Hassle.

Along with Purchasing Medicines, Patients can also directly consult doctors in Metro cities Like Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

In Addition to their medicine Supplies, Apollo Pharmacy also Deals in FMCG, OTC, Wellness, and Beauty Products which can be purchased online from the Apollo Pharmacy Website or Various offline outlets. Committed to providing its customers with genuine medicines at affordable prices, Apollo Pharmacy is one of the Biggest Competitors of Practo in India.

4. PharmEasy

PharmEasy is an Indian online Pharmacy that Sells medicines, diagnostics, and telehealth. Founded in the Year 2015 by harmil Sheth and Dhaval Shah, PharmEasy Has technologized the healthcare system in India. It allows patients to Buy medicines Online and Book pathological tests at the top diagnostic centers in India.

PharmEasy also offers a home collection of samples in which a technician will come to the patient’s house with safety precautions and collect Their Blood Samples. Following the test, The reports will be sent to you online at Your Email Address and Mobile Number.

Ordering Medicines at PharmEasy is Effortless and Simple. The patient has to simply upload the prescription to Pharmeasy’s Website, then a pharmacist will call the patient to confirm medicines. Once all the Queries are Cleared, PharmEasy will deliver the Medicine to the patient’s House.

5. Medplus

Based out of Hyderabad, Medplus is the second-largest pharmacy chain in India. Founded by Madhukar Gangadi in 2006, Medplus Has More than 2,165 stores across 300 cities in India with 18,000+ employees.

Medplus Sells prescription Medicines, FMCG products, vitamins, and many other nutrition supplements Through Its website Medplus Mart & offline outlets across the Country.

With 100% Authentic medicines, Quick to-door deliveries & Affordable Pricing, Medplus Mart has become one of the trusted online pharmacies to purchase medicine. Along with medicines patients can also make an online Appointment with a doctor and Book diagnostic tests in cities Like Hyderabad, Vijaywada, Chennai, Nagpur, and Bengaluru.

6. Flipkart HealthPlus  ( Previously Sastasundar )

Flipkart Healthplus is a digital healthcare platform that allows patients to purchase medicine online and Get it Delivered to Their Home Hassle Free. Previously Known as Sastasundar, Flipkart has acquired 75.1%

With the AIM providing 100% genuine medicines, Wellness Products, and healthcare devices, the Flipkart HealthPlus works with third-party sellers to offer medicines.

With Healthplus, Flipkart is Delivering authentic medications and healthcare goods to more than 20,000 Pin codes across India. After Flipkart Entered the Healthcare Sector with HealthPlus, The Online Pharmacy Market is anticipated to evolve more.

7. RASK – the pharmacy in your pocket

RASK is an app-like practo that delivers Medicines within 30 minutes. With RASK Patients can order medicines from their Local Pharmacy and Get in Delivered to their Doorstep.

Other than medicine, You can also order Wellness, Beauty, Cosmetics, Skincare, and Travel Essentials Products from the RASK App. Customers can fulfill their healthcare Medicinal needs quickly and Just with an online Order From RASK App.


The internet has revolutionized the way many people buy Medicine and Consult a Doctor Online. In the coming years, The E-Pharmacy market in India is Expected to Grow by 40 to 45%.

Along with the Expansion in the E-Pharmacy market, The competition among pharmaceutical companies is Growing. It will be interesting to see How Companies Like Netmeds, Practo, and TATA 1mg will acquire More Customers.

We hope this Article Clears all Your Queries Regarding the Top 5 Practo competitors & Alternatives in India. If You have any Questions or Suggestions, Please Share them with us in the comment Section Below.

Practo Competitors FAQs

Q.1 Who is the Biggest Practo Competitor in India?

Tata 1mg is the Biggest competitor of Practo in India.

Q.2 Is practo an Indian company?

Yes, Practo is an Indian Company headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Q.3 Is it safe to consult on Practo?

Yes, all the Doctors Registered on Practo are 100% genuine and All Their degrees are been verified.

Q.4 Is Practo a startup company?

Yes, practo is a Healthcare Startup Founded by Shashank ND.

Q.5 Is Practo available in the USA?

You can Book a consultation with Doctor From the USA. However Medicine Delivery is Not available in the USA.

Q.6 What are other apps like Practo?

Tata 1mg, Apollo Pharmacy, and Netmeds are some Similar Apps to Practo.

Q.7 Is Practo a B2B or B2C?

Its an B2B Company (Business 2 Business Company)

Q.8 Which app is best for online medical consultation in India?

Practo is the Best app for online Medical consultation.