Top 13 Competitors of Theonlineconverter in 2023

No matter whether you’re comparing theonlineconverter alternatives for your business, education, or company, the given competitors assists you in early 2023. Theonlineconverter is a well-known web-based application that is loaded with innumerable tools for free of cost. You can get an online converter for audio, video, document, pdf, eBooks, and more files. 

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Cloudconvert is indicated as the well-known file converter that lets you deal with audio, video, document, image, archive, and more formats. Simply navigate to its official site to start the conversion process. It is the best utility for converting one or a couple of files without any quality loss. Additionally, you can use this handy tool without downloading additional programs.


FileZigZag is another free to navigate online converter that is packed with innumerable formats such as video, audio, image, document, eBook, and more. This platform uses advanced algorithms to provide you with high quality conversion. Also, it does not need to install any additional software in your system prior to proceeding with conversion.

This competitor of theonlineconverter allows you to convert media files from one format into another within no time. It is packed with the best audio converter that allows you to convert nearly all useful audio formats for conversion. Even there you get the best document, image, and certain other converters to make your files more accessible. Besides that, users not only able to convert their files, but even lets you optimize different files for free, 

Aspose.Total Conversion:

It is a well-known online converter that supports conversion to and from different common document formats including spreadsheet, word processing, presentation, and more. You can make a couple of clicks to save your file to and from other compatible file types. You can even proceed with one or batch file conversion while keeping the quality high with this assistance. It allows you to proceed with conversions for doc, docx, emf, epub, and more.

WorkinTool PDF Converter:

WorkinTool is indicated as a one-stop solution for processing PDF related conversions. It is packed with a user-friendly and clear interface to provide you with the ease of conversion. Once you install this program onto your systems, you can access a certain PDF reader, converter, split tool, compressor, combiner, and more. Just a couple of clicks involves making safe and quick conversion with this natural online file converter assistance. In addition to that, it works perfectly with different operating systems such as windows and macOS. 


As the name reveals, this online converter allows you to make file transformations for free. Right now, you can fetch this freeware utility in 15 different languages. This optimal file conversion service is loaded with a wide array of formats. Before moving with the new update, this platform only proceeded with document files (70+ formats), images (120+ formats), audio (15 formats) video (32 formats) , e-books, archives, etc. 


This handy platform allows you to convert files from one format to another compatible format for free of cost. Bear in mind that this utility supports over 1500 different files conversion. You can now readily make conversions for audio, video, image, or eBooks. The upside is that this online converter is packed with multiple advanced features to fine-tune your conversion outcomes. Since it is an online service this utility works perfectly on all OS such as Linux, mac, or windows. Besides that, freeconvert is highly compatible with all major browsers. All you need to do is upload a file and choose your targeted format.

It is powered by AI to provide you with natural solutions for converting video, audio, and image files. You can make a couple of clicks and let this tool generate automatic subtitles or captions for any video. Now there’s no need to waste time in transcribing audio to text manually, just navigate to this tool and let it do it all in a matter of seconds. The most apparent thing is that you can now easily create a reactive audio waveform visualizer online for free of cost. Even users can display music with engaging visuals with this freeware utility. It assists you to transform files between more than 1000 different file formats. 


This online converter source supports more than 25600 different files conversion between over 300 different file types. All you need to do is drop your files on the designated page, then simply choose an output format and hit the Convert button. You just need to wait for a couple of seconds to get the newly transformed files. The great thing is that all the online file conversion takes place in the cloud, thus, it does not consume any capacity from your local storage. Keep in mind that most conversions support advanced options. 


No matter at all what file types you want to convert, Converter365 indicated as the one-stop solution to deal with all. It is a free online converter that indulges only with three simple steps to make to and from conversions for different file formats. This web-based online application supports a wide range of audio, video, image and different other formats.

DOC Converter Pro:

No matter whether you want to convert a single file or entire folder, this conversion source works efficiently. This will provide you with the converted files in no time. You can now easily make custom conversion templates according to your needs. With this tool, you will attain full control over images, CSS, and also get find and replace/delete and more functions. Just make a couple of taps to share your customized templates with your colleagues. You can be able to make batch conversions for Word or PDF files to HTML and swiftly clean up the code. Most of the document formats are supported by this file converter. 


This online converter lets you make quick PDF conversions and also loaded with different editing tools for free. With this online conversion assistance, users can be able to deal with the PDF and other files with in matter of seconds. The upside is that this platform is partnered with the industrial leading PDF solution to provide instant and better results. Even you can get its desktop version for Mac and Windows users. There you can also encounter reorder and delete pages, extract images and certain image conversions.


Nearly all computer users come across file archives in different formats, e.g. the widespread ZIP format. Compressed files are easy to store and share. Ashampoo ZIP Free bundles essential features like reading and writing of archives in a single free application. Ashampoo ZIP Free supports comfort features such as jump lists and the display of progress on taskbar icons for Windows 7 and Windows 8. The user interface employs the Windows 8 tile-based design with quick access to all essential features.

This is referred to as the perfect converter source that lets you deal with file archives in different formats. It also provides you with compressed files that are handy to share and store. You can fetch some essential features such as reading and writing of archives within an individual free application. It also supports some stunning features such as jump lists and even shows the progress navigation on the taskbar icons on both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Fortunately, its Windows Explorer integration allows you to swiftly compress and decompress all common file formats.

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