Top 10 Mamaearth Competitors in India You Need To Know Everything!

Mamaearth is an Indian health and Wellness product company headquarters in gurugram, Haryana. Established By Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh in 2016, mama earth is Known for its chemical and toxin-free products.

With a market full of Chemical-based Products, mama earth is offering natural and organic products that are gentle and effective on the skin. As the popularity of organic and chemical-free skin care products continues to grow, the competition for mama earth Has also increased.

To Analyse the Competition and help You find the Best we have Complied the List of the Top 10 Best Alternative and Mamaearth Competitors in India who are offering similar Chemical-free products.

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Chemical-based products can be very harmful to our skin. It can cause problems like acne, eczema, and premature aging. Many Chemical-based skin-care Products are not biodegradable and can also harm the environment. Below Mentioned are the Major mamaearth Competitors & alternatives in India.

Top 10 Mamaearth Competitors & Alternatives

Companies Headquarters Establishment Year
Wow Skin Science Bangalore, Karnataka 2016
Khadi Naturals New Delhi 1963
Biotique Noida 1992
Forest essentials New Delhi, India 2000
Plum Goodness Mumbai, Maharashtra 2013
Patanjali Ayurved Haridwar, India 2006
Himalaya Wellness Bengaluru, Karnataka 1930
The body shop London 1976
NYR Organic Boston 1981
Vicco Labs Mumbai, Maharashtra 1952

1. Wow Skin Science

Founded in the year 2016, wow skin Science is one of the most popular skin-care and wellness Brands in India. Based out of Bangalore, wow skin Science offers the purest and most premium quality products to its customers.

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The New age Customers are constantly looking for Chemical free products for their day-to-day skin care. All the Products in the wow skin Science portfolio is made with non-toxic natural bio-active ingredients which is the main USP of the brand.

Wow skin science’s Success can also be given to its creative social media advertisement and collaboration with top Influencers in the country. With its competitive pricing, quality products, and creative marketing Strategy, wow skin science is one of the major Mamaearth competitors in India.

2. Khadi Naturals

Khadi naturals is another Indian cosmetic and wellness brand that claims to utilize herbal remedial solutions in its products. Headquarters in New Delhi, India khadi naturals is one of the oldest brands in India that manufactures and sells the best quality body care products in India.

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All the Products Under the Brand khadi naturals are tested and manufactured under the supervision of qualified Ayurvedic Doctors. With 35 authorized distributors in 18 States in India and 50 authorized sellers in 25 countries, Khadi Natural is one of the most successful cosmetic brands in India.

3. Biotique

Biotique is Noida Based Ayurvedic, Environment-Friendly Manufacturer of skincare, hair care, body care, and makeup products. The Company was started in the year 1992 By Vinita Jain and Currently, it Has become one of the largest brands because of its product purity and traditional practices.

All the Biotique Products Dermatologist Tested and 100% environmentally friendly. The Products are Made with the extract of plants, Different herms, and Trees From their roots, leaves, and flowers. These Characteristics of boutique Products make them skin-friendly.

Where Brands like mamaearth and wow skin science are using social media for their brand promotion, Biotique’s marketing includes mostly the offline mode.

Biotique offers a Customizable unique amenities kit for hotels which includes body soap, shampoo, hand wash, and body lotion. With Biotique’s assured quality products and unique marketing technique, it is one of the biggest mamaearth competitors in India.

4. Forest essentials

Forest essentials is an Indian cosmetic and skincare brand headquartered in New Delhi, India. The Company was established in the year 2000 by Mira Kulkarni. Apart From India, the brand also sells its products in UAE, the UK, Australia, and the United States.

Known for its Luxurious Ayurveda skincare products, forest essentials has become the brand that uses ancient beauty techniques and combines them with Modern beauty to make the best products. All the products of Forest essentials are Clean and Cruelty-Free Beauty, which means they do not test their products on animals.

Forest Essentials have a similar marketing Strategy to Biotique. With 80 stores in India, Forest Essentials Supplies its products to 120+ Hotels in India which also include Delhi’s Hyatt Regency. With factories in Haridwar and Lodsi, Uttrakhand, Forest essentials is a Direct competitor to mamaearth.

5. Plum Goodness

Plum goodness is a 100% vegan beauty product and wellness brand Founded by Mr. Shankar Prasad in 2013. From Skincare to Cosmetic and body care, all the products under the brand plum are 100% vegan and chemical-free.

Plum’s 70% of Sales come From their online medium, However in the past three years, plum has established itself in 70 cities across India to start its offline journey. With Similar Products and the same Mantra to Save the Environment, Plum goodness is a major mamaearth competitors in India.

6. Patanjali Ayurved

Patanjali Ayurved is an Indian multinational Company based out of Haridwar, India. The Company was Started by Swami Ramdev and Balkrishna in the year 2006. Patanjali Ayurved is one of the fastest-growing FMCG companies in India with a valuation of ₹30,000 crores in 2021.

Patanjali Ayurved has achieved tremendous growth in the past 10 years. With 3500 distributors and many warehouses in 18 states, Patanjali has over 900 products in health and wellness products.

Mamaearth and Patanjali Ayurved compete with products like facewash, Sunscreen, and aloe vera gel. One of the major reasons for the success of Patanjali Ayurved is its affordable pricing and its marketing strategy which revolves around the culture and heritage of Ayurved.

7. Himalaya Wellness

Established in the year 1930, Himalaya wellness is an Indian multinational company based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Founded by Mohammad Manal in the 1930s, Himalaya wellness Has Its Presence in 106 Countries across the globe. The company offers 500+ products which include baby care, Personal Care, Wellness, and animal health.

8. The body shop

Started in the year 1976 by Anita Roddick, the body shop is one of the most popular cosmetic and skincare companies worldwide. With the aim to offer products made with natural ingredients, the brand become very popular among the youth for its affordable, fun, and exciting products.

Owned by L’Oréal between 2006 to 2017, the company was later sold to Natura in 2017 for £880 million. In the 1980s company started a campaign to end animal testing.

All the products in the body shop’s portfolio are certified cruelty-free by Cruelty-Free International’s Leaping Bunny. With similar non-toxic and chemical-free products, The body shop is a mamaearth competitors in India.

9. NYR Organic

NYR Organic also known as Neal’s Yard Remedies is a UK-based selling organic cosmetics, Skincare products, and essential oil. Headquarters in Dorset, England the company has over 300 products that are sold through its own stores.

Though NYR Organic is not a direct competitor to mamaearth, however, the company is planning to expand its services to India in the coming years which will impact the overall sales of mamaearth.

10. Vicco Labs

Vicco Labs is one of the renowned Ayurvedic product-based Brands in India. Established in the year 1952 by Keshav Vishnu Pendharkar, Vicco Labs Specializes in manufacturing Ayurvedic healthcare products like sandalwood skin cream, herbal toothpaste, herbal shaving creams, and ayurvedic pain relief Medicines.

Founded as Vishnu Industrial Chemical Company, Vicco Labs operates in 30+ countries around the world. Recognized as India’s one of the most trusted brands, Vicco Labs is one of the Major mamaearth competitors in India.


Most of the non-organic skin and Wellness products available in the market contain harmful substances like mineral oil, parabens, and petroleum which can be dangerous to the skin. With more and more people getting aware of Organic products, the Indian Wellness Industry Has Seen Tremendous Growth in the past few years.

More brands are Adopting the Ancient Indian Ayurved Formula in the making of their products. However, because so many Brands are offering similar types of products, sometimes it can get difficult to find the best products which can which cater to all the requirements.

We hope this article clears all your queries regarding the top 10 mamaearth competitors in India. If You have any questions regarding mamearth or its competitors, please feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

Mamaearth competitors FAQs

Q.1 Do Mamaearth products have any side effects on the skin?

No, Mamaearth products are non-toxic and chemical-free and don’t have any side effects on the skin.

Q.2 Is mamaearth a trusted company? 

Yes, Mamaearth is a Trusted Brand.

Q.3 Does Mamaearth have a refund policy?

Yes, Mamaearth offers 7 Days Replacement in case of a damaged product.

Q.4 Is Mamaearth good for pimples?

Mamaearth Has an acne scar removal cream which is a great solution for pimples and Acne.

Q.5 Which country brand is Mamaearth?

Mamaearth is an Indian brand, headquarters in gurugram, Haryana.