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Despite the increasing role of digital marketing, conventional marketing methods still have their influence. Press releases and newsletters still have a reasonable impact on marketing. Law firms need a specialized type of marketing for which press releases and newsletters can be used. 

There may be 101 social media marketing tips to boost your law firm’s business, but you cannot rule out the use of press releases and newsletters. A press release is marketing content that sends your message to many readers.

It can be a piece of legal advice for the general public or the details of a recent legal case won by your law firm. The response might be a little slow, but its impact on a law firm’s marketing is quite noticeable. 

Similarly, newsletters also have the same impact. Newsletters are generally of both types, printed and digital. Printed newsletters are sent to your clients by post, whereas digital newsletters can be sent to all available email addresses of existing and potential clients. 

Role of Press release and newsletter in Marketing of Law Firm

Press releases and newsletters are almost the same when it comes to the content. The aim is to convey a law firm’s latest news and relevant achievements to its clients. A press release is meant for publication in the print media, while a newsletter is sent either in printed form or through emails to subscribed clients. 

The impact of both means of communication on a law firm’s marketing is remarkable. Here are some of their noticeable benefits in marketing a law firm.

  • They increase your visibility in the market – A press release published in newspapers gets the attention of a substantial number of people, whereas the newsletter reaches your targeted clients. It enhances your law firm’s reachability. It creates awareness and visibility of your law firm among the general public.
  • They increase your credibility in the market – Regular interactions with these types of communications, conveying your recent achievements in legal cases, go a long way in building the trust level of your law firm. The impact may be even more if a press release is picked up and published by a renowned media house. Similarly, regular communication with your existing and potential clients also helps improve your credibility.
  • They provide leads for your law firm – A press release is much beneficial in lead generation for your law firm. Since its reachability is vast, the chances of getting leads are more. People get tempted to contact you if they find something of interest in your press releases.
  • Retention of current clients – Regular interaction through newsletters will develop a cordial relationship with your existing clients. They will feel like a valued member of your clientage. So whenever they need legal advice, they will call on you immediately. 
  • SEO – When a press release gets the attention of a leading media house, they may upload it to their digital newspaper. Doing so will create links to your website that will positively affect the SEO of your law firm. 

What is the right time to send a press release or newsletter?

Although you can do this activity any time, there are some specific events when you must do it. There may be many such occasions depending on the activities of your law firm. Here are some of the most common occurrences when you must reach out to your current and potential clients and the general public.

  • At the time of starting a new law firm.
  • If you have shifted your office to a better location
  • When you launch your website
  • If your firm has won a noticeable legal case
  • If a renowned attorney has joined your law firm or if someone expert in a particular legal matter gets on board your firm. 
  • If you think it’s necessary to provide awareness to people concerning a particular legal matter in the current scenario, you may generate a piece of legal advice through a press release and newsletter. 
  • Your firm may have won some awards or have participated in a noticeable legal event. This is the right time to send a press release and newsletter.

How to write a perfect press release and newsletter?

Writing a press release or newsletter is quite simple and easy. It is a marketing tool, but at the same time, it is a professional document. Hence it needs to be written correctly and impressively. Here are some useful tips on writing a perfect press release or a newsletter.

  • It should be simple and easy to understand
  • Avoid too many legal terminologies; avoid such terms and try to convey your message in simple words.
  • Avoid unnecessary details
  • The headline must be attractive and attention-grabbing
  • Make sure that it relates to some event or news or a particular legal advice
  • The content should be brief and to the point
  • Don’t give irrelevant information
  • Never give fake information
  • Don’t distort the facts
  • Mention where the event happened
  • Mention the date and time when it happened
  • Never forget to include “contact us” information that may include links to your website, Facebook and Instagram page, and your firm’s phone numbers.
  • You can also include a photograph relevant to the event. But see if it’s worth sharing.
  • If possible and budget allows, you can hire a professional writer

What is a media advisory?

A media advisory is just similar to press releases and newsletters when it comes to the content. However, there’s a slight difference between them.

It is brief information about a particular event your law firm might host. This may include brief information about the event, like the host, the venue, and the time. Such media advisory can also help improve your law firm’s marketing.


Like any other business, a law firm’s marketing depends on many factors. Press releases and newsletters are important marketing tools that help you convey your message to many people in one go. These are useful methods of reaching out to current and prospective clients.

How to write a perfect press release and when to send it to media houses is of prime importance. A correctly crafted message, sent at the right time, is key to the success of this marketing campaign. It has minimum cost involvement, but its impact on the growth of your business is quite noticeable. 

You can use this tool alongside other digital marketing methods to reach the maximum number of potential clients. 

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