How does cricket work?

Cricket is an interesting sport that is played in many places around the world, loved and watched by millions of people. Like every other great world sport, it is a fun, social and simple game when you break it down. 

There are specific set of rules and instructions to play by in Cricket, with terminologies that might be complicated or confusing. We have provided a detailed explanation of some of the basic rules and terms in cricket in this article.

Basics of cricket 

The game is played between two teams of 11 players on each side (Sometimes 8 player teams in junior competitions)

Similar to baseball, a team will bat while the other takes the field. The game begins with the captains of each team flipping a coin to see which side bats first

The aim of the game is to score as many runs as possible, before the fielding team takes 10 wickets. The team with the most runs wins.

The Matches are officiated by two umpires whose decisions in the game are final.


The batting side begins with the first two players in their batting order on the field. The batsman known as the striker takes pitches from the bowler while the other batsmen, that is the non-striker, remains at the other end of the pitch. The other team members wait off the field for their turn to bat.

The bowls are delivered to the striker by the fielding team in an attempt to get them out. Whenever the fielding team successfully rid a batsman, they are replaced by another on the team. The process is repeated until all players are out, which will be the end of the innings. The field team can then change over and start batting. 


The field team has a bowler that bowls the ball to the batsman who tries to hit the ball with the bat.

The fielding team disperses around the field to either stop runs from being scored or to get the batsmen out. 

The bowler takes the ball and bowls it to a batsman at the wicket, which designates where the batsman should be.

Basic cricket terms

  • Innings

Innings refer to the duration or period it takes a team to bat. The game is broken up with this process as the field team take over to start batting (another innings).

  • Wicket

The wicket refers to the three wooden stumps at the end of the pitch. They are pitched opposite and parallel to each other 22 yards apart. The batsmen bats in front of the wickets to prevent the ball from hitting it 

  • Run

Run is simply the unit of scoring in cricket

  • Dismissal 

Dismissal signifies the end of a batman’s batting period, the field team is required to dismiss 10 batsman to end the innings.

  • All-Rounder

All-rounder refers to a batsman capable of batting and bowling. They can also be referred to as a wicket keeper. 


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