Tips For Your First Escort Meeting

Booking an escort for a night can naturally be nerve-racking, especially if it’s your first time with one. Therefore, if you are getting nervous or anxious, you’ve landed at the right place. When meeting an escort, you would not want to look unprepared or unconfident. This is why you must take all the necessary steps, for your escort to have a decent time with you.  

An escort is different than a sex worker in a lot of ways, which is why they should be treated differently than one. Escorts are high-end professionals who are classy, sophisticated, educated, and attractive. This is why it is highly important to maintain a good image in front of them.  

This post explores some of the tips and pieces of advice that will help you make a good first impression with an escort. Keep reading below to find out. 

Improve Your Appearance While Meeting an Escort  

Don’t get this wrong, you do not have to look attractive or insanely handsome for an escort to give a good impression of you. If you are paying for an escort, that doesn’t imply that you should be poorly dressed or maintained. Make sure to observe good personal hygiene, trim your hair, and take a good shower before getting ready. Remove unwanted body hair, trim your nails, and use a mouth freshener if you have bad breath.  

Another way to impress your escort would be to dress well and properly. Choose clothes that enhance your features and make you look more masculine. To look even more desirable, rub or spray some deodorant on your body. Make sure to not use too much perfume, cologne, or deodorant as the fragrance can get overwhelming after an extent.  

Lastly, make sure that your house is completely neat and clean before welcoming your escort into your house. If you are meeting her elsewhere, make sure that you’ve booked the place before the meeting, so that everything flows well on the date.  

Do Not Ask Personal Things Without Consent  

No matter what you do, do not force your escort to do something she is uncomfortable doing. Share your kinks, fantasies, and fetishes before meeting the escort, so that there is no conflict of interest on the date. If an escort refuses to perform an activity, respect her boundaries and do not force her into it.  

Furthermore, do not ask your escort any personal questions that she would hesitate to answer. Keep the meeting entirely professional and avoid sharing your private information with her, since it is always prone to get leaked. Although all escorts near me in Menlo Park are extremely professional and discreet, it would be better to stay safe and not leak any confidential information to your escort.  

Make Sure to Treat Your Escort with Utmost Respect  

As stated above, escorts must be treated nicer than a prostitute. Keep in mind that paying for an escort or sex worker does not mean that you own them. Escorts are human beings with professional jobs, and you must treat them like the lady they are to make a good impression and to get treated with the same amount of respect.  

On the date, keep in mind to make a relaxed and soothing atmosphere, so that your escort doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Do not drink alcohol to the point that it ruins your evening, and make sure to respect your escort’s boundaries. Be friendly and communicate satisfactorily to make sure that she feels safe around you.  

Give Them Their Payment at The Right Time 

Most escorts prefer that you pay them their fee as soon as possible, the sooner the better! This is done to avoid scams and fraud. Make sure to respect their request and pay them the right amount, as asked before the meeting. Therefore, don’t start to get intimate with them before the payment has been made. After that, you can enjoy the heavenly night that lies in front of both of you! 

Practice Safe and Healthy Sex  

No matter what you do, do not have unprotected sex with an escort. Make sure to carry condoms and wear one during intercourse. Moreover, do not ask your escort or force her to have sex without condoms or some protective method. 

As professionals, you need to remind yourself that safe sex is not negotiable at any cost. Make sure to test for any sort of STI or STD so that you do not put others in danger. Ladys.One has safe, healthy, and seductive escorts from around the world who are free from any kind of sexually transmitted infections or diseases. 


These are some of the things you need to keep in mind before meeting an escort, as they will help you make your best first impression. To find the best “escorts near me” in Menlo City, head over to and find the most attractive and ravishing escorts around your area!

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