7 Best ACV auctions competitors & Alternatives

Trying to Find the Best Alternatives of ACV Auctions? If Yes then you are at the Right Place. In this article, we Have Complied the List of the Top 7 ACV Auctions Competitors.

ACV Auctions is an online Dealer auction platform Headquarters in New York, United States. ACV auctions are considered to be one of the Best Places to Buy or Sell Cars Because of Their Transparency in work. Their 24×7 Marketplace, real-time Pricing & Custom Filters Allows the Buyers to find the vehicle that they’re looking for.

With Access to unlimited online vehicle auctions, Dealers can Simply Signup Bid For the cars They Like and Get their Vehicle Delivered with ACV Transportation. ACV also offers Dealers a variety of financing options which allows the Dealers to Know inventory costs upfront.

With the Valuation of More than $1.4 Billion, ACV Auctions is one of the Biggest online dealer auction platforms. However, With other Companies Entering the Market, the Competition For ACV Action has significantly Increased. Below Mentioned are the Top 7 Major ACV Auction Competitors & Alternatives.

ACV Auctions Competitors Analysis

CompaniesHeadquartersEstablishment Year
CarvanaTempe, Arizona2010
CopartDallas, Texas1982
KAR GlobalCarmel, Indiana2006
CARS24Gurgaon, India2015
BacklotCars Kansas City2014
CarwaveEscondido, California 2009
Cox AutomotiveAtlanta, Georgia2014

1. Carvana

Founded in the Year 2010, Carvana is one of the Biggest used cars Dealer in the United States. Headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, Carvana allows Customers to Purchase a buy a brand-new car online and with zero hassle.

Carvana also offers a wide variety of vehicles, including sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, and luxury cars. With More than 55000 Cars Listed on Carvana’s Website, Customers can Purchase Their favorite car and get it Delivered to their Doorstep.

Carvana also offers Financing options that Make it Easier For the Customers to get the Right Car. Carvana takes care of all the paperwork and financing for you, so you can focus on enjoying your new ride

With a revenue of $12.8 billion in 2021, Carvana is the Biggest used Car Dealer in the United States. In 2021 Carvana Was featured on Fortune 500 Companies List. They were one of the youngest companies to be featured on this list.

2. Copart

ACV auctions competitors

Copart is a global leader in online vehicle auctions. Founded in the Year 1982, Copart is Present in More than 11 Countries Including the US, Oman, the UK, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Brazil, UAE, Bahrain, Canada, and Finland.

Copart is a popular choice for those looking to purchase a used vehicle because of its large selection and competitive prices. In 2020, Copart Was featured in Fortune’s Future 50 companies, 100 Fastest Growing Companies, and Fortune 500 List.

The company offers an online bidding system, as well as the option to purchase vehicles directly from their website. With Access to more Than 254,000 vehicles, Copart is one of the Major ACV auctions competitors.

3. KAR Global

ACV auctions competitors

Headquartered in the Indianapolis suburb, Kar global is one of the most popular and trusted used car wholesale Market. Founded in 2006, Kar global Sold More than 2.6 million vehicles valued at over $40 billion in 2021.

The company has a strong focus on transparency, With their digital marketplaces, Customers can have insights into some of the Best used Cars. With the Presence of over 130+ Locations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK & Europe, KAR Global Sold Vehicles valued at over $40 billion through Their online auctions.

KAR Global has 10000 Employees who are constantly working to improve The marketplace For Their buyers. Additionally, KAR Group Has some of the Most Popular Brands In the Automotive Industry which includes ADESA, AFC, AutoVin, Carwave, Clearplan, Openlane, and Many More.

4. CARS24

ACV Auctions Competitors

Founded in the year 2015 By Vikram Chopra, Gajendra Jangid, Mehul Agrawal, and Ruchit Agarwal, Cars24 is a website that helps people buy and sell cars Used. With Access to 10,000 Used cars, Customers can purchase their Favourite Car From More than 200 branches across 73 cities in India.

Other than India, Cars24 has also expanded its Services in Countries Like the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and Australia. Apart From Selling Used cars, Cars24 also offers Services like vehicle Paper transfer to new Owners and also facilities Auto Loans to Customers and car Dealers in 50+ Cities in India.

In 2020, Cars24 launched a New platform Cars24 Moto which allows Customers to buy and sell their Two Wheelers.

5. BacklotCars

Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, BacklotCars is an online wholesale marketplace For Automotive Dealers. It offers a convenient way for dealers to find and purchase cars at wholesale prices. The Company was founded in the year 2014 by Justin Davis.

The Backlotcars online Marketplace is open 24×7 and Allows Customers From all over America to bid on vehicles they Like. All the vehicles listed on the Website For Bidding are Pre-inspected. The Process of Buying and Selling Cars has become Really Easy For Both Buyer and Sellers.

In 2020 KAR Auction Services Acquired backlotcars For a whopping $425 million. The addition of BacklotCars to KAR Auction Services Has made them one of the Major ACV auctions competitors in the United States.

6. Carwave

ACV auctions competitors

CARWAVE is an online automobile auction platform that helps franchise and auto dealers buy and sell trade-in vehicles. Carwave offers a simple, convenient way for dealers to buy and sell vehicles without having to physically travel to a Dealership.

Starting in the year 2009, Carwave Has Emerged as one of the Most popular online Auction Platforms in the United States. Headquarters at Escondido, California Carwave Has its Presence in Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, and Oregon.

With the Goal to Eliminate the costly overhead of traditional auctions, all the vehicles Listed on the carwave Website For Auctions are Inspected By ASE Certified Mechanics.

Carwave is also a part of KAR Global Companies. Carwave Holding LLC was Acquired By KAR Global in the year 2021 For 450 million in cash. The Acquisition Has Accelerated the KAR Global Profit and positions the company as one of the Major Competitors of ACV auctions.

7. Cox Automotive

The Last company in our List of Top 7 ACV Auctions Competitors is Cox Automotive. Formed in the year 2014, Cox Automotive is one of the Business Units of Cox Enterprises. Headquarters in Atlanta is Committed to Improving the Automotive Industry in the United States with the Bled of technology and Valuable Products.

With annual revenues of More than $20 billion, Cox Automotive Has 40,000 auto dealer clients across five continents who Server Millions of Customers.

Compare to other Brands Like Carvana & KAR Global, Cox Automotive is Fairly a New Brand. However, With its Great operations, marketing & Services Cox Automotive Has become one of the Major ACV Auctions Competitors in Recent Times.

FAQ ( ACV auctions competitors Frequently Asked Questions)

When were ACV Auctions founded?

ACV Auctions Were Founded in the Year 2014

Is ACV Auction Available in Canada?

Yes, ACV Auctions is Available in Canada

How does the ACV auction work?

ACV Auction is an online Auction Market place For Dealers

How do ACV Auctions make money?

ACV is an auction marketplace and Makes money From buyers and suppliers for enabling the transaction.

What does ACV stand for?

ACV Stands For Actual Cash Value

How many cars does ACV sell?

ACV Sold Nearly 250000 cars in 2019 and Numbers are Growing Every Passing year.

In Conclusion

Even though ACV Auctions is the leading online car auction platform, there are several other companies that provide similar services. While each company has its own strengths and weaknesses, they all provide a valuable and convenient way to buy or sell cars online through Auctions.

We hope This Article Clears all Your Queries regarding ACV Auctions Competitors. If You have any Question Related to the Competitors of ACV Auctions, Please Feel Free to Share with us in the Comment Section Below and we will Get back to You Soon.

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