4 Reasons Why Your Bet Can’t Be Cashed Out

Though many casual gamblers like to play for fun, their ultimate goal is, almost always, to make some quick and easy cash. Whether that is a good way to look at online gambling or not, it is mostly true. Sometimes, luck is on their side, and gamblers make a lot of cash. But, other times, online casino attendants might have trouble cashing out the money they’ve made.

Withdrawal problems aren’t prevalent. However, they do happen. It is good to be prepared for them once they occur. In this article, we will look at the different, most common withdrawal issues and talk about why they might occur.

Common Cash Out Problems

When gambling online, there are several withdrawal issues that you should be aware of. The most obvious one is fees. Some online casinos charge withdrawal fees. However, even those that don’t are subject to fees charged through your selected payment method. For example, digital wallets have well-known, hefty cash-out fees.

Another issue might be processing delays. The processing time depends entirely on the payment method you’ve selected. For example, crypto-based deposits are often much faster, whereas direct wire transfers take much longer to process.

You could look at the BetNow sportsbook as an example of this. The crypto-withdrawals at BetNow usually take 48 hours. On the other hand, processing wire transfers can last for as long as 15 days. If you want to learn more, this BetNow sportsbook review does an excellent job explaining everything there is to know about the site.

But now that we know the common cash-out problems, it is time to discuss why you may be experiencing problems. Let us delve into the common reasons for withdrawal delays.

Unmet Requirements

One of the most common reasons a withdrawal gets delayed is unmet wagering requirements. Often, at instant withdrawal sites, people like to use bonuses. The problem is that most people need to read the Terms and Conditions.

In doing so, they place bets that don’t qualify for the bonus, likely due to not meeting the wagering requirement. The only way to fix this issue is to place a bet meeting the wagering requirements or contact the bookie/casino and hope for a refund. Though, refunds are quite rare.

Unverified Account

Incredibly common is also the issue of the unverified account. Online casinos and sportsbooks don’t usually pay out cash to those who have not verified their accounts upon registering. Once you create the account, the website sends an email for verification.

The only way to fix this issue is to verify your account. Open your email, and check if you’ve gotten a message from the website you are using. Then, click the verification button, and you are done. You can play at your favorite online casino or wager at your sportsbook without care.

Payment Method

Testing the best payment methods at online casinos or sportsbooks can be fun. However, it does often lead to some trouble with payment processing. For example, a bonus might only be available to crypto users. You might have trouble cashing out if you tried to use said bonus with a different payment method.

Once again, the solution is to read the terms and conditions and ensure that the payment method you use is compatible with the bonus. If it isn’t, either give up on the bonus or try a different payment method.

Undisclosed Reasons

Finally, an online casino might refuse to pay for undisclosed reasons. At that point, the problem goes beyond what you, or anyone, can do. There is only one solution; unfortunately, it is expensive and takes a lot of dedication and nerve.

If a casino refuses to pay out, hiring solid legal representation is the best you can do. The lawyer can help you pursue different options and avenues, which may culminate in you getting your money back. However, legal representation can often be expensive, so you have to weigh the pros and cons


What can I do if I can’t get a cash out at an online bookie?

The best thing to do is contact the bookie and ask them what the issue is. Most sportsbooks have a stellar customer support staff you can contact through live chat, email, and sometimes even a telephone.

What might the reasons for cash-out issues be?

Popular reasons include payment methods, wagering requirements, or an unverified account.

Why is reading T&C important?

Reading the terms and conditions is important because they often explain everything you must do to avoid cash-out problems.

What do I do if the website won’t tell me what I did wrong?

Unfortunately, at that point, you might have to consult a legal professional and pursue some legal options.

Final Things to Consider

Online sportsbooks are a great platform for wagering. However, you may face some challenges. Before you begin betting, make sure that you go over the terms and conditions and ensure that your deposits are within the rules of the site.


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