Write a letter to your friend about your School Trip, Sample In PDF Format.

What to Know How to Write a letter to your friend about your school trip? If Yes then You are at the Right Place. In this article, we have shared a Sample Letter of School Trip Experiences with Your Best Friend.

School trips are an excellent way for students to explore the world and learn more about geography and history in a hands-on manner. There are so many reasons why we should share our experiences with friends, now let’s see how you can Share Your School trip Experience By Writing a Letter.

Write a Letter to Your Friend About Your School Trip to Dubai 

23/3, Canal Linking Road

Akash Nagar

Raipur, CG 492001

August 7, 2022

My Dear Anish,

I hope you’ve been having a good summer so far. I’m writing to let you know that I just got back from my school trip To Dubai, It was an unforgettable experience and I want to tell you all about it.

With the world’s tallest building, the world’s longest indoor ski resort, and man-made islands with their own climate zones, Dubai is one of the most breathtaking cities in the world.

I’ve had a great time in Dubai so far and I’m excited to Again Visit the Amazing City. On our first day in Dubai, we went to the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world). The Whole Dubai City Was Visible From the 130th Floor of Burj Khalifa.

After that, we went on a camel safari in the Evening which was really interesting. On our last day, we visited the Dubai Mall which is the largest shopping mall in the World with about 1,200 stores. That Same Day we also went on a Desert safari in the Evening which was really Breath Taking.

It’s been an awesome experience meeting new people in Dubai. They really make you feel welcome here and are always ready to help out as well as share their amazing culture amazing with all of Us.

Your dearest friend,

Sakshi Srivastava


Letter to Your Friend About Your School Trip Application Format & Structure

Recipient’s (Your Friend) Name 

Recipient’s (Your Friend) Address 

Dear/Hello/Dearest Recipient’s (Your Friend) Name,                             

In this section, you have to start by exchanging greetings, and then go on to state that you have visited a specific place and want to describe it all to your friend. 

In the second paragraph of your letter, you can share your itinerary with your friend. This section will include – the name/details of the place you are visiting, and the list of traditional foods that you have eaten during your stay. You can also include some of the activities you have participated in and the list of items that you have purchased (you can also tell your friend that you have a surprise for her/him). 

End your letter by stating how much you missed your friend and wish that they were there. Also, tell them that you intend to come over to their place and ask them to take care of themselves. Give your love to them and warm regards to their parents. 

Hope to meet you soon. Love you, 

Your Name (or a nickname)

In Conclusion

We hope this Article Helped You to Know How to Write a letter to your friend about your school trip. If You Have any Doubts or Queries related to Letters, Please Share them with Us in the Comment Section Below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How to introduce the topic in a letter to your friend? 

You have to start this letter to your friend by asking them about their well-being and also telling them that you have been doing well. In addition, you can mention that you are planning to visit them and want to share pictures and memories with them. 

Q.2 What salutations to use while writing a letter to a friend?

The most commonly used salutations while writing to your friends are – ‘Hello’/ ‘Dearest’ and then your friend’s Name.

Q.3 How to end a letter to a friend?

You can end the letter with quotes like – ‘loads of love’/ ‘your loving friend’ / ‘your dear friend’ and then sign off your Name. 

Q.4 What points to mention while writing to a friend?

When you are writing to a friend about the school trip that you have undertaken, you must mention – the places that you visited, the foods that you ate, if anything special happened on this trip, what he/she learned from the trip, and why you must take the trip yourself.